#PARKLET2GO – Pedal Powered Placemaking


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Team: Georg Wieser, Florian Lorenz, Joshua Grigsby 
Partners: Many thanks to Sergio for helping to make the prototype a reality! 

A performative tool to test, experience and discuss the redesign of public spaces.

The PARKLET 2 GO is a pedal-powered, mobile toolkit to quickly, informally and effectively create a temporary parklet. It transforms parking spaces into places to meet, hang out and host a spontaneous public discourse about how we use space in our cities.


The prototype of the Parklet 2 Go in pristine conditions. Images: Natalia Zajacikova.

The PARKLET 2GO is a mobile urban furniture ensemble adaptable to various public spaces: Car-only parking lots or underused urban plazas alike. Its modular design features two large benches that seat up to eight people, two parasols, a table, four small barrier elements, three flower beds and one plant container as habitat for a resilient city tree. The PARKLET 2 GO can be swiftly loaded onto a bicycle trailer for a zerocarbon and flexible transport across the cityscape.


The PARKLET 2 GO is a tool for engaged urban practitioners for making alternative designs of urban public space tangible. With the PARKLET 2 GO hands-on urbanists can proactively initiate awareness changing interventions in public space and start a discourse amongst passerbys, residents and decision-makers about how we use the cityscape.


PARKLET 2 GO is a pop-up parklet. As a "mobile furniture ensemble" it consists of two benches for 2-3 (or even 4) persons each, a table, three flower beds and a plant container with a resilient city tree. The design of the furniture makes it possible to load it onto a bicycle trailer in just a few simple steps. In contrast to permanently installed Parklets, the PARKLET 2 GO can be set up and dismantled very quickly. The possibility of transport by bicycle and the extremely compact storage result in a flexible overall package, which enables the effective implementation of spontaneous interventions.


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In 2019 the PARKLET 2 GO was awarded “the most impressive mobilityaction” of European MobilityWeek.


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