Proposing a "NO CARS" Emoji Character

The 'no cars' emoji

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2019 -
Team: Florian Lorenz, Martin Lorenz, Joshua Grigsby
Partner: LWZ Design & Animation OG 

An emoji for NO CARS is currently missing while emojis for NO PEDESTRIANS and NO BICYCLES are available. 

We submitted a proposal to the Unicode consortium to close this gap! 

We propose the addition of an emoji character for “no cars”. This would close an important gap in the emoji category for warnings, as emoji for “no bicycles” (#1381) and “no pedestrians” (#1385) already exist. Not only is the proposed emoji logically consistent with the existing emoji indicating travel-mode bans, it would digitally reflect the physical reality that road signs for “no cars” are present in all countries across the globe. The emoji would be widely used in communications related to: sustainable behavior, lifestyles, transport, and mobility; climate change, resource depletion, public health, land-system change; and terms such as “no car” and “car free”. The absence of a “no cars” emoji hinders social media discourse on systemic transitions that are already underway and on the core principles of desired futures.


Current warning signs within the Unicode Emoji palette. Notice the characters for NO PEDESTRIANS and NO BICYCLES.


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