48 hours of hacking Vienna as a Cycling City

CYclehack Vienna 2016

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Team: Florian Lorenz
Partners: CycleHack activists 2016

STC joined the global CycleHack movement and co-hosted the first cyclehack in Vienna. In 48 hours a group of activists developed two interventions: The "Strap-on Cobblestone Cockatil Shaker" and a "Mobile No Overtaking Sign". 


the strap-on cobblestone cocktail shaker

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One of the unpleasant barriers to cycling in Vienna is the local cobblestone. It is permeable, nice to look at and historically preserved but in some cases really and literally a pain to cycle on.

This is a humorous take on the cobblestone situation in Vienna and also an exploration into how easy your bicycle can be hacked to become a cocktail shaker. Watch the video below to see how well you can use Vienna's cobblestone to mix non-alcoholic drinks! 

mobile No overtaking sign

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Every cyclists knows how uncomfortable it can be to be closely overtaken by cars. This situation becomes pronounced in dense urban cores where the space for safely overtaking cyclists is not existing.

This cyclehack proposes a mobile street sign that forbids for certain stretches of streets that cars can overtake cyclists. 

Images: Ulrich Leth.

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